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Continuous Compensation Management Requires the Right Technology

Posted by Quincy Valencia on Feb 15, 2023 3:00:00 AM

Compensation management is the practice of strategically aligning worker pay with job roles, responsibilities and organizational objectives. It involves setting pay levels to ensure employees are adequately rewarded for their work while considering factors such as external economic trends, internal equity, budget constraints, tax regulations and compliance requirements.

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Topics: Human Capital Management, Total Compensation Management

The Case for Continuous Performance Management

Posted by Quincy Valencia on Feb 1, 2023 3:00:00 AM

In January of 2020, I was head of product innovation for a newly launched product in the human capital management technology space, targeting high-volume hiring. We had big ambitions for that year, tied to product development and sales, all documented during our annual goal-setting and performance review process. And then the pandemic hit, and everything changed overnight. Everything, that is, except for my annual goals, or those of my team, which had already been set in stone. When the annual review process came around, nothing we’d set forth earlier in the year was even applicable. How is a leader to evaluate and make compensation recommendations for a team member based on completely outdated criteria?

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Topics: Human Capital Management, Talent Management

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